Power Rating: 500VA - 1500VA

Voltage: 220 - 240 Vac

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Configuration: Rackmount

Product Series: Powerware

The Eaton 5115 Rackmount UPS provides surge protection and backup power ideal for rack servers, storage systems, network equipment and other critical devices. The unique form factor of the 5115 UPS adapts to 1U rackmount, a 0U side cabinet or wallmount UPS applications. The 5115 UPS also corrects incoming voltage fluctuations, produces true sine wave output and significantly extends battery service life with ABM technology.

5115 Series 1U Rackmount Models
(click on part number for full unit specs)
Part Number Power Rating
Input Plug Output Receptacles
103003267-6591 500VA / 320W C14 4x C13
103003270-6591 750VA / 520W C14 4x C13
103003273-6591 1000VA / 670W C14 4x C13
103003276-6591 1500VA / 1000W C14 4x C13
Additional Options
Part Number Description
116750221-001 ConnectUPS-X Web/SNMP Card allows monitoring of the UPS and other equipment via Web or SNMP
116750224-001 Environmental Monitoring Probe
Allows remote monitoring of temperature, humidity
and two other contact devices (requires Web/SNMP card)
1027020 ViewUPS-X Remote status panel for UPSs with XSlot, featuring back
lit LCD information display, 4 status LEDs and audible alarm
103002510-5501 Modbus Card provides continuous, reliable and accurate network monitoring of a UPS
systems through a Building Management System (BMS).
103004741-5501 Alarm Serial Card
PXGXUPS Power Xpert Gateway UPS Card
The Power Xpert Gateway UPS card allows direct connection
to Ethernet networks and Web access to Eaton Powerware XSlot compatible UPSs.
Other Documentation & Links
Datasheet (PDF)
Manual (PDF)
5115 series runtime chart(PDF)
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