Power Rating: 500VA - 1500VA

Voltage: 230 Vac

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Configuration: Tower

Eaton 5SC UPS provides line-interactive, affordable and reliable protection for small business servers. Complementing our range of industry leading UPSs, the 5SC includes an LCD interface for real-time status and measurements, and provides sinewave output for compatibility with today's most sensitive IT equipment.

Eaton 5SC Series Models
(click on part number for full unit specs)
Part Number Power Rating
Input Plug Output Receptacles
5SC500i 500VA / 350W C14 4xC13 Battery Protected Outputs
5SC750i 750VA / 525W C14 6xC13 Battery Protected Outputs
5SC1000i 1000VA / 700W C14 8xC13 Battery Protected Outputs
5SC1500i 1500VA / 900W C14 8xC13 Battery Protected Outputs
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