Power Rating: 5kVA - 11kVA

Voltage: 200-250 V 1ph

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Configuration: Rack/Tower

The Eaton 9SX UPS offers high availability, flexibility and advanced protection for infrastructure, industrial, medical, IT, networking, storage and telecom. Delivering on-line double conversion protection in versatile Rack/Tower format with up to 95% efficiency.

Eaton 9SX
(click on part number for full unit specs)
Part Number Power Rating
Input Plug Output Receptacles
9SX8Ki 8000VA / 7200W Hardwide Hardwire
9SX11Ki 11000VA / 10000W Hardwire Hardwire
Eaton 9SX with Rack Kit
(click on part number for full unit specs)
Part Number Power Rating
Input Plug Output Receptacles
9SX5KiRT 5000VA / 4500W Hardwire 8xC13, 2xC19 and Hardwire
9SX6KiRT 6000VA / 5400W Hardwire 8xC13, 2xC19 and Hardwire
9SX8KiRT 8000VA / 7200W Hardwire Hardwire
9SX11KiRT 11000VA / 10000W Hardwire Hardwire
Additional Options
Part Number Description
9SXEBM180RT Eaton 9SX EBM 180V RT3U
9SXEBM240 Eaton 9SX EBM 240V
SC240RT Eaton Supercharger 240VDC
BINTSYS Eaton Battery Integration System
EBMCBL180 Eaton 1,8m cable 180V EBM
EBMCBL240 Eaton 1,8m cable 240V EBM
Network-MS Network Card-MS
Provides real time monitoring and control across UPSs in your network
Relay-MS Relay Card- MS
Provides dry-contact interface between your UPS and any relay-connected computer, including
the AS/400, as well as a variety of industrial applications
MODBUS-MS Network and MODBUS Card-MS
Provides continuous, reliable and accurate remote monitoring of UPS systems
9RK Eaton Rack kit 9PX/9SX
9SX8KiPM Eaton 9SX 8000i Power Module
9SX11KiPM Eaton 9SX 11000i Power Module
Other Documentation & Links
Datasheet (PDF)
Manual for 5kVA - 6kVA units(PDF)
Manual for 8kVA - 11kVA units(PDF)
9SX HotSwap MBP Maintenance Bypass 5 to 11kVA - Installation and User Manual
Shutdown Software
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